Microgreens are young seedlings of plants that are widely used for decorating the dishes and for food. They are often added to salads, soups, cocktails, smoothies, and other drinks. All young seedlings contain vitamins C, E, K, minerals and antioxidants in much larger quantities than the adult plants.

Cress is perfect to be grown as microgreens: it has a sharp, rich taste, is high in nutrients, and grows very quickly. Cress contains a great amount of vitamin C and folic acid, which help strengthen the immunity and nervous system.

On this page you'll find out how to grow microgreens at home. There are also presented some recommendations of the cosmetologist, nutritionist and dietitian, who explains why she chooses a particular variety of young plants, and her signature recipes.


We have in store for you:
— high-quality seeds;
 — a convenient tray;
 — a perfect substrate.

Follow the instructions, and
you’ll get fresh young seedlings in a week.

It took 8 days to grow the cress microgreens, but they also could be harvested as early as 5-6 days if needed. A basic tip for growing the perfect cress microgreens is not to sow the seeds too densely.
— Cress leaves and other greens are alkaline rich foods. Eating enough of them every day, we prevent the formation of excess acid in the body and maintain an optimal balance between the content of acids and alkalis, what is of great importance for human health.

What is the danger of "acidification" in the body? When the balance is disturbed, the body will try to compensate for the lack of alkalis in the body and use its internal reserves for this purpose. For example, our body may withdraw calcium from our bones to cope with acidity. At first it is hardly felt at all, but soon our nails will start to break, our hair will become dull, dry and brittle, and, most importantly, the risk of bone fractures will increase even with minor injuries.

Swelling can also indicate acidification of the body. In this case, our body begins to accumulate water to neutralize the effects of acid. Acid destroys tooth enamel, increases the sensitivity of teeth and leads to dental cavities formation.

What else is cress good for? Cress is rich in vitamins C, A, E and K and polyphenol antioxidants. Therefore, it helps fight free radicals, the cause of oxidative stress, which manifests itself in decreased skin tone and firmness, dehydration, premature appearance of wrinkles and other unhealthy signs.
Darya Teslenko
Cosmetologist, nutritionist, dietitian

Avocado Toast
with Microgreens

Cut the bread into slices and toast it in a toaster or in an oven at 220ºC. Peel the avocado from the skin and seeds and cut into thin slices. Place the avocado on toast and drizzle with lemon juice. Then put tomato slices, microgreens, sesame seeds; salt and pepper the sandwiches. Bon appetit!
Сooking method
— bread (yeast-free);
— 1 avocado;
— ½ lemon;
— tomato;
—1 bunch of cress microgreens;
— sesame (according to your taste);