Microgreens are young seedlings of plants that are widely used for decorating the dishes and for food. They are often added to salads, soups, cocktails, smoothies, and other drinks. All young seedlings contain vitamins C, E, K, minerals and antioxidants in much larger quantities than the adult plants.

On this page you'll find out how to grow microgreens at home. There are also presented some recommendations of the cosmetologist, nutritionist and dietitian, who explains why she chooses a particular variety of young plants, and her signature recipes.

The pea microgreens saturate the body with easily digestible protein, iron, vitamins C, PP, B, A, E, normalize blood pressure and strengthen immunity. The seedlings obtained can be used as a garnish and for decoration of dishes. Peas are one of the most popular crops for germinating. The taste of these microgreens is mild, sweet, and the texture is juicy, crunchy, reminiscent of young peas.


We have in store for you:
— high-quality seeds;
— a convenient tray;
— a perfect substrate.

Follow the instructions, and
you'll get fresh young seedlings in a week.
It took 11 days to grow the microgreens, but they also could be harvested in a week if needed.
— The pea microgreens are rich in phosphorus, vitamins B2, B1, B9, B6, E, C, PP, K, protein, fiber.

Fiber excellently cleanses the body of of debris and toxins and serves as nourishment for intestinal microflora. Our bacteria use it to produce vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, pantothenic acid, vitamin PP, biotin, vitamin K2, and folic acid.

Vitamin B2, which is contained in the microgreens, is responsible for the redness of the lips and the area around the mouth. Cracked lips and inflammation in the corners of the mouth occur due to its deficiency. B2 deficiency manifests itself in the form of problem skin.

Vitamin B1 converts sugars into energy, and its deficiency causes swelling. Intestinal bacteria synthesize all vitamins, but if the balance of microflora is disturbed, the beneficial microbes lack nutrition and the vitamin supply will be depleted. Therefore, a healthy intestinal flora is the most important condition for the preservation of beauty.
Darya Teslenko
Cosmetologist, nutritionist, dietitian

Pea Microgreen

Place all the ingredients into the bowl of a blender and blend until smooth. After that, you can drink a smoothie. It can be stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of 4-6 hours in a closed container at temperatures from +2 to +10°C.
Сooking method
— 10 g pea microgreens;
— 2 tablespoons oat flakes;
— 2 peeled kiwi;
— 200 g orange juice (freshly squeezed is preferable);
— 1 teaspoon honey.